Literati eReader Wi-Fi, 7 inch Color Screen (White)- NO POWER SUPPLY

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Literati eReader Wi-Fi, 7 inch Color Screen (White)- NO POWER SUPPLY

Whire front, Gold and White back.

In very nice physical condition.

Does NOT include the 5VDC 1.5A power supply which can be had anywhere on the cheap!

Tested with test power supply, appears to work fine.

  • Connects to a seamlessly integrated wireless electronic bookstore powered by Kobo without the hassle of connecting to a computer, so you can unlock colorful reading possibilities found in cookbooks
  • The vivid 7-inch, full-color LCD display is easy to read anytime during the day--indoors and outdoors, featuring a backlit night reading mode for dark environments
  • Hold your place with customizable electronic bookmarks, so you can pick up where you left off on your laptop or smart phone
  • Freely flip through the pages like a real book with the navigation buttons located on both sides of the wireless reader, children's books, textbooks and more, with new releases as low as $9.99
  • Customize your wireless reader with an array of bookshelf colors and textures, various fonts and sizes, or simply dim and brighten screen for optimal reading comfort

Transform the way you read with the ultra-lightweight, Sharper Image Literati Wireless Reader. This portable wireless reader allows you to make purchases from its built-in bookstore where you can access and buy books instantly, renewing the effortless and therapeutic nature of reading. With one-touch purchases, you're reading in seconds right out of the palm of your hand. Featuring a sleek, modern design, this durable wireless reader allows you to carry all of your books in one portable device. The elegant Literati includes 150 free books with such classic titles as Moby Dick and Grimms Fairytales to begin your wireless reading experience. Ideal for all readers, including professionals and students, this revolutionary wireless reader places millions of books, newspapers, and magazines right at your fingertips. Support an lifestyle by reducing paper waste without sacrificing the joy and informational value reading has to offer.