RARE Toy Story12" Thinkway INTERSTELLAR Talking Buzz Lightyear

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About this item

This is an extremely rare and limited production Thinkway 12" INTERSTELLAR Talking Buzz Lightyear! It was sold through the Disney Store and did not last long! 

What makes this particular Buzz so cool is he comes with AMAZING POWER SURGE EFFECTS!

Help Buzz Lightyear Power Up!

Press his chest buttons twice quickly and wave your hand back and forth in front of his sensor. Flashing lights and sound effects build as Buzz powers up to full strength!


Press twice quickly to deactivate his power surge feature. Press his chest buttons again for more sayings and lights!

Press his button and BUZZ says:

Stand clear from this Sector, Emperor Zurg may be near!

Stop Zurg! I'll blast you with my lasers!

The Emperor Zurg is no match for Buzz Lightyear.

I'm Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger!

I'm stationed in the gamma quadrant of Sector 4... Member of the Universe Protection Unit!

Stand back while I power up my ultra-wing rockets!

To Infinity and Beyond!

The Galaxy will be safe from Emperor Zurg.

Buzz features:

Retractable Helmet

Pop-out Wings

Posable Joints

Wing Release Button